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Rules of Cricket and Game Day Support

Community Junior Cricket Council 

The CJCC is the governing body for all community junior cricket in Metropolitan Perth and Peel. Providing cricket for all kids that focusses on fun, friendship and participation.

Rules, roles and support

CJCC Game Day has all the information you need on rules and roles to support junior cricket.

Junior Cricket Stages

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Year 4 and Year 5 Boys,
Year 4-5, Year 6-7 Girls

Participation focussed with strong emphasis on having fun with friends. Everyone bats and bowls.

Games are 20 overs and run for ~2 hours. 7 players on the field, bowling rotates through all players and all players face equal number of balls when batting (regardless of dismissals). Shortened pitch and boundaries and modified rules to help develop skills. 



Year 6 and Year 7 Boys,
Year 8-9 Girls

Mix of participation focussed matches and competitive matches. Main focus on having fun with friends, old and new!

Games are 20 overs (for ~2.5 hours) or 30 overs (~3.5 hours). 9 players on the field, rotation of batting and fielding positions over the season.

Shortened pitch and boundaries to develop skills.




Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10-11 Boys,
Year 10-11-12 Girls

More competitive matches, but focus is still on having fun with friends. Take more wickets, make more runs!

Games are 20, 30 or 40 overs. Boys competition has 11 players on the field, girls have 9 players. Rotation of batting and bowling positions through season.

Standard pitch length, modified boundary lengths. 

Match Rules

CJCC general rules

stage 2 match day rules

stage 1 match day rules

stage 3 match day rules

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